Position Submission Example

Positions Short Title:
Support Reduction in State Spending to Sustainable Levels Sponsor

Company Name:
Keithley Consulting, LLC

Sponsor Contact:
Brad Keithley

Sponsor Phone:
(907) 123-4567

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Sponsor Street:
12345 Example Street

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Advocate Contact:
Brad Keithley

Advocate Organization:
Keithley Consulting, LLC

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Advocate Phone:
(907) 123-4567

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Position Statement:
The Alaska Chamber supports limiting total FY 2016 Unrestricted General Fund spending to $4.5 billion or less.

Support for the Position (Reasons position will benefit business.):
In the 2013 and other reports, ISER has made clear that on its current path the state is heading in the not too distant future toward "institution of a broad based [sales or income] tax, and use of a portion of the earnings of the Permanent Fund" to maintain even moderate levels of state government spending. Unless current spending levels are reduced and savings retained and rebuilt to support future state revenue, the projected tax levels necessary to sustain even moderate state government spending levels will dramatically and adversely affect the Alaska business climate. Moreover, the significant reduction in future state spending levels resulting from continuing down the state’s current path, even with the institution of taxes, will adversely affect the level and quality of future state services available to support business, as well as the portion of the state’s economy driven by state spending. Conversely, reducing spending to sustainable levels will strengthen the fiscal stability of state government and as a consequence, the business climate.

Supporters (Constituencies that will support the position and why.):
Natural resource industries sensitive to potential changes in the state’s fiscal climate. Businesses adversely affected by the potential for significant declines in long-term state government service and spending levels.

Opposition (Constituencies, groups, organizations opposed to the position and why.):
Those benefiting from the state’s current, artificially high spending levels.

Action Required for the Position:
Limit the Unrestricted General Fund portion of the FY 2016 combined Capital and Operating Budgets to no more than $4.5 billion combined.

Fiscal Impact for the Position:
Short term reductions in state spending from recent levels. Long term state fiscal stability and dependable levels of state spending.

Supporting Documents:
Attachment 1: Maximum Sustainable Yield: FY 2015 Update
Attachment 2: Maximum Sustainable Yield: FY 2014 Update
Attachment 3: Maximum Sustainable Yield: A Path to a Sustainable Budget Presentation