Policy Submission Form

The submission period for our 2018 Policy Positions is now open from Monday, June 4 to Friday, August 3, 2018.

Alaska Chamber members drive the policy agenda for the Alaska business community. General members in good standing may advance policy positions for review and discussion at the Policy Forum each fall. Please provide complete, concise information regarding your submission, and thank you for contributing to the economic health of Alaska.

Positions may be submitted using the online submission form below. Members only need to bring forward new proposed policy positions, changes to existing positions, or removal of an existing for consideration. Relevant policy positions carry over from year to year if a member does not propose changing or deleting that position.

Wondering whether or not an issue of concern is already a position of the Alaska Chamber? Check out a list of our 2018 Priorities and Positions here.

Questions? Still not clear? Contact Curtis W. Thayer or Ben Mulligan before submitting a new position.

Once received, member submitted positions will be reviewed by the Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC). During this process the LAC confirms that the necessary information required to make a recommendation on the position is available. Then the LAC vets the proposed position and forms a recommendation based on the information presented by proponent and opponents.

Vetted positions are forwarded to all members registered for the Forum for review prior to consideration and voting during the Forum. During the Forum the positions are discussed and voted on by the body with only those receiving a majority vote of the established quorum being adopted.

Position Submission Form

Supporting Documents
Submit any supporting documents below. Please keep in mind that the total file size for all documents must not exceed 10 megabytes. If your documents are too large, please contact us at (907) 278-2727.

Please refer any questions or concerns to Curtis W. Thayer at cthayer@alaskachamber.com.