William A. Egan Outstanding Alaskan Nomination Example

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Greatland River Tours & Silverado Gold Mines

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12345 Example Street

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(907) 123-4567

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(907) 123-4567

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Why is this individual an outstanding Alaskan?
I am submitting several letters of support that will demonstrate how Roger has made a difference in Alaska and for Alaskans. I would also like to share this story with you as well. Whenever an opportunity presents itself for Roger to haul out his massive rock and mineral collection to put on display for the community, you can bet he'll be there. For the past eight years, I've watched Roger haul buckets of five gallon rocks, poster boards promoting mining, his own personal collection of gold, mining tools and more out of the back of his SUV to put on display for Fairbanks' annual Golden Days celebration, and for other community events such as the Tanana Valley State Fair and more. He takes extreme pride in talking with the people of our community about the history and importance that mining played in the founding of Fairbanks. This year, I had the opportunity to go through his collection one-on-one with Roger and the excitement and pride he shared with me was both motivating and inspirational. I walked away with a greater sense of understanding for what the pioneers of our great state experienced during the gold rush days. Each rock, gold nugget, etc. had a story and you could tell by the smile on Roger's face that he loved his mining pastime. On another note, with the Chamber's role in business advocacy, we send out many calls to actions for our members to submit letters and/or testify on important issues. I've always been able to rest assured that I'd walk into the Fairbanks LIO and would not be alone in presenting my testimony because Roger would ALWAYS be right there with me. He is a tireless advocate for our community and for the state.

How has this individual made a difference in Alaska and for Alaskans?
Roger Burggraf, is an active and passionate supporter of many local and statewide organizations. He is a long-time active member of the Alaska mining community. Roger takes great pride in what he gained from his education at UAF, sharing his knowledge of the industry and his support for higher education at every opportunity. Roger Burggraf left home at an early age and worked on farms and ranches to put himself through school. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service brought him to Alaska and during the summers of 1954-1956 he worked as a stream guard and fisheries aide in Southeast. Burggraf secured a job for the next two years through the New York State Conservation Department in game management. From 1957 to 1959, he served active duty in the US Army, returning to Alaska in 1959 with the US Army National Guard as a captain, and he was commander of the Fairbanks National Guard Unit until 1963. Roger held a career in the banking industry from 1960 –1974 after his military service, working for ABC Finance, Alaska State Bank and First Federal Savings and Loan. He segued into the mining industry in 1972 and has been a strong supporter of the industry ever since. He has been a consultant with Silverado Gold Mines Inc. and Tri-Con Mining Inc. since 1977. During that time, he directed Silverado’s external relations with state agencies, ensuring the company met all environmental and safety standards. He has been responsible for obtaining permits, managing claim maintenance, and implementing safety operations for Silverado’s Alaska operations. Roger has served or is serving on many resource development advisory and advocacy groups over the past three decades, including the Alaska Miners Association, and is an active and long-standing member of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce. Roger can be seen offering public testimony at just about every public hearing ranging from topics on resource development to energy to military relations. Roger holds a B.S. in wildlife management and conservation with a minor in geology from Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Both Roger and DeLois Burggraf, are generous contributors to UAF in time and financial support. Roger is an active member of the Chancellor’s Fairbanks Community Advisory Council, and a member of the Friends of the UA Museum of the North. Alaska is fortunate to have Roger Burggraf as a dedicated supporter. At almost 82 years young, I am amazed by Roger's continued civic involvement. He is an inspiration to me and I learn something new about Alaska's history, the mining community and more each time I have the opportunity to speak with him.

Supporting Documents:
1. Don Young Letter
2. Rhonda Boyles Letter
3. Karen Matthias Consulting Letter
4. Avalon Development Corp. Letter
5. Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation Letter
6. Photo