Our History

In 1952, a few years before Alaska was granted statehood, the "All Alaska" Chamber of Commerce was formed for the purpose of promoting commerce in Alaska. The construction boom, brought about by World War II, was winding down, and Alaska’s business leaders recognized the need for an organized effort to develop a new, stronger economic base for Alaska. The first leaders of the Alaska Chamber discussed tax incentive legislation, development of the state’s forest and mineral resources, promotion of the tourism industry, and increasing agricultural production. With statehood, the name was changed to the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce, and the organization represented the first unified effort to have the voice of business in the state legislature.

Under the recently released brand identity, the organization dropped "State" and “of Commerce” from its name in all new marketing communications programs. This deliberate move better conveys the chamber’s role in Alaska. “Contrary to popular belief, the Alaska Chamber is not a state government agency,” says Rachael Petro, President and CEO. She goes on to point out, “Because of this incorrect assumption and the fact that many other state chambers of commerce include tourism promotion as one of their core missions, it was important for us to brand ourselves distinctly from the state and other chamber entities.”