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Recent Advocacy

2023 Policies and Actions

December 20th: Ambler Access Project DSEIS Comment Letter

December 6th: NPR-A New Proposed Rule Comment Letter

November 16th: Coalition Letter to Congress to maintain the existing NAAQS for particulate matter (PM2.5)

November 7th: Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity Coalition Letter

November 2nd: ANWR Coastal Plain DSEIS Comment Letter

November 2nd: Coalition Letter to Congress to Expand Tax Policies Vital to Workers

October 27th: Press Release Announcing the National Civics Bee in Alaska

September 15: House Natural Resources Committee ANWR Hearing Comments

September 12: Coalition Press Release Challenging the Reimposition of the Roadless Rule

September 12: Coalition Letter to Congress Supporting Expansion and Alignment of Child Care Tax Credits

September 6: Coalition Statement on Biden Administration ANWR Decision

September 1: Op-Ed, EPA’s Pebble action sets an unfair precedent for Alaska development

July 27: Coalition Letter to Congress on Arbitration Legislation

July 20: Coalition Letter to Biden Administration about Teamsters/UPS Contract Negotiations

July 5: Coalition Letter to BLM on Conservation and Landscape Health Proposed Rule 

May 26: Joint Statement on Sackett v. EPA Ruling

May 23: Support for NorthLink Aviation FONSI and ROD

May 23: Support for Alternative D in Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company's DSEIS

May 1: Coalition Letter to Congress on Immigration Reform

April 17: Coalition Letter to Federal Trade Commission on Noncompete Clause Rule

March 28: Coalition Letter on H.R. 1 - Lower Energy Costs Act

March 27: Coalition Letter to Congress on Permitting Reform

March 13: Business groups celebrate Willow, have grave concerns about future land lock-up

March 10: Reaction to leaked Willow Project announcement 

March 6: Support Repeal of 80th Percentile Rule

January 31: Statement on EPA 404c veto of Pebble Mine

2022 Policies and Actions

2022 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2021 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2021 Policies and Actions

2020 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2020 Policies and Actions

2019 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2019 Policies and Actions

2018 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2018 Policies and Actions

2017 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

2017 Legislative Letters and Testimonies

January 5 - 80th Percentile Rule Change Letter
January 31 - NAM Wilbur Ross Letter
February 1 - NAM Infrastructure Letter
February 2 - CERCLA Extension Letter
February 6 - Regulatory Accountability Act Coalition Letter
February 7 - NAM Steven Mnuchin Letter
February 8 - Alaska Chamber responds to HB 111 Letter
February 14 - NAM Linda McMahon Letter
February 14 - Halt EPA Preemptive Vetos Letter
February 16 - Our Path Forward: Determined Optimism OpEd
February 27 - PWSRCAC Recertification Letter
February 28 - NAM Input Letter
March 1 - ABRC Letter to Legislators
March 8 - FICALA Coalition Letter
March 13 - ABRC Letter to Governor
March 27 - What’s obvious to Alaskans continues to bewilder legislators OpEd
April 12 - Alaska's broken workers' compensation system OpEd
April 24 - Cook Inlet producers power Alaskan business OpEd
April 25 - NAM R. Alexander Acosta Letter
May 8 - Support for Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Representative Letter
June 12 - The Need for Compromise OpEd
July 18 - Support for the Ozone Standards Implementation Act Letter
July 27 - Fish Habitat Initiative Comment Letter
July 27 - Outer Continental Shelf 5-Year Plan Support Letter
July 27 - Support SJ Resolution 47 Letter
July 27 - Marvin Kaplan NLRB Letter
August 11 - ASAP Gasline Draft EIS Letter 
September 14 - Wealth creation, not taxes, is the solution to fiscal woes OpEd
September 21 - Response to Representative Ortiz Letter
September 25 - Amazon HQ2 – the answer to Alaska’s economic diversification OpEd
September 28 - Coalition Letter to Congress on Tax Reform and Budget
October 16 - Support for Appeal of Ruling on Ballot Initiative 17FSH2 Coalition Letter
October 17 - Amazon HQ2 Letter 
December 6 - Support for a Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act Letter

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