Priorities & Positions

Each fall, Alaska Chamber members gather at our annual Policy Forum to propose positions for the upcoming year. Based on proposals submitted by the general membership, Chamber members adopt positions on issues that impact Alaska's economy. Our Board of Directors selects the Chamber’s top state and federal priorities for the year. Below are the Chambers’ 2019 priorities and positions on critical issues affecting Alaska’s business climate.

2019 State Priorities

Support reduction of spending to sustainable levels
The Alaska Chamber supports a reduction in spending from the General Fund, excluding both the capital budget and Permanent Fund Dividend, from the previous fiscal year's spending level until the State reaches a sustainable level of spending.

Support a meaningful cap on operating budget expenditures
The Alaska Chamber supports a meaningful cap on operating budget expenditures. With an ever-growing State operating budget, the business community will live in constant fear of large tax increases. Either a spending cap or a tax cap allows elected officials to make tough calls on spending. They work relatively well in many communities at the local level.

Support comprehensive workers’ compensation reform
The Alaska Chamber supports enactment of systemic changes to the Alaska workers’ compensation insurance statutes to reduce the cost of insurance for employers while emphasizing effective treatment programs that promote injury recovery and the return to full employment of injured workers.

2019 Federal Priorities

Support oil and gas exploration and development in Alaska’s federal areas including; the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA), Cook Inlet, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
The Alaska Chamber strongly supports oil and gas exploration and production in Alaska’s federal areas; including the Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, NPRA, Cook Inlet, and the 10-02 area of ANWR. The Chamber encourages Congress to enact revenue sharing for Alaska and local communities. The Chamber also encourages the Alaska Congressional Delegation, the Alaska Legislature and Governor to support and strongly advocate for responsible development of these valuable resources, while the Chamber commits to actively support and participate in the education and advocacy efforts to open these areas.

Support reform of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
The Alaska Chamber supports reform of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

2019 State and Federal Positions (S) State – (F) Federal – (B) Both

  1. (S Priority) Support reduction of spending to sustainable levels
  2. (S Priority) Support a meaningful cap on operating budget expenditure
  3. (S) Support a series of annual reductions in the state operating budget and the creation of an endowment/sustainability model or similar framework to use Permanent Fund earnings to support essential state services and protect the PFD Program.
  4. (S) Oppose a natural gas reserves tax
  5. (S) Support a rigorous but efficient permitting process in Alaska
  6. (S) Ensure mineral development benefits that should accrue to the entire state are not compromised by Municipal or Borough Taxation.
  7. (S) Support a reasonable cruise ship passenger fee level and use of those fees consistent with state and federal law
  8. (S) Oppose all new unfunded property tax exemptions as introduced on the state level
  9. (S) Support streamlining fisheries landing tax regulations
  10. (S) Support and encourage a positive investment climate that provides certainty and stability for statewide oil and gas activities; oppose efforts to increase oil and gas taxes.
  11. (S) Support royalty oil sales