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Alaska Business Political Action Committee

The Alaska Chamber is proud to support the Alaska Business Political Action Committee (PAC). The purpose of the Alaska Business PAC is to provide an opportunity for individuals interested in the future of Alaska business to contribute to worthy candidates for the Alaska State Legislature, the office of Lieutenant Governor, the office of Governor and to support business community interests in ballot initiative campaigns.

What is the Alaska Business PAC?

The Alaska Business PAC is a non-profit, bi-partisan political action committee comprised of Alaska business leaders committed to electing candidates who support the issues important to the state's business community. Your investment in the Alaska Business PAC will help foster a better business climate in Alaska by....

  • Fulfilling the business responsibility to participate in the elective process.
  • Providing unified involvement in politics on the part of the business community.
  • Limiting the uncontrolled growth of government.
  • Supporting the free enterprise system and protecting political and economic freedoms.

The beneficiaries of the Alaska Business PAC's efforts are not only Alaska businesses but all Alaskans.

Why the Alaska Business PAC?

The Alaska Business PAC provides strength in numbers. The unified effort of the Alaska Business PAC offers a much greater impact on the political campaign trail than individual contributions. The Alaska Business PAC will give financial support only to candidates who express an understanding of the needs and concerns of the state's business community.

Contributions to the Alaska Business PAC will enable Alaska business to pool financial resources in order to influence elections, thus developing a better Alaska business climate.

Contribute today!

The time for action is now. When contributing, please keep the following in mind:

  • No corporate donations accepted.
  • There is no maximum contribution limit.
  • Please list personal billing address when entering payment information.
  • To comply with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, we will contact you after your donation to confirm Employer Company and position.

Or you may mail your contribution to:

Alaska Business PAC
2550 Denali Street, Suite 530
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

How the Committee Works

The committee is governed by a seven-member board of trustees. The seven trustees represent a diversity of industry sectors and regions within Alaska. The Alaska Business PAC is an autonomous body. The committee is not concerned with political affiliations but with electing candidates devoted to working for an improved business climate. The Alaska Business PAC funds are completely segregated from chamber operating funds.

Committee trustees review incumbent voting records and survey non-incumbent candidates to determine their views on business-oriented issues. Based upon the trustees findings, the Alaska Business PAC will support candidates who believe the free enterprise system is the key to Alaska's future.

YOU Can Make the Difference

The time for action is now. There is no political off season; your financial support of the Alaska Business PAC today will contribute to a better future for Alaska.

There are no limits to annual contribution amounts for individuals.

The Alaska Business PAC will be in full compliance with all Alaska Public Offices Commission regulations.

The future of Alaska is in your hands! Please contribute today for a better tomorrow.

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