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$5.6 billion statewide economic impact



48,000 jobs statewide



$3.9 billion in direct visitor spending


On average, visitors to Alaska spend $1,434 per person per trip in-destination.


92% of visitors to Alaska are likely to recommend the destination, and 82% are likely to return.


Cruise lines and their subsidiaries spent an estimated $297 million on goods and services provided by Alaska businesses, employee payroll and tax payments in 2017.


On any Alaska cruise, Holland America Line serves more than 2,000 lbs of Alaska salmon, 1,000 lbs of Alaska cod, 800 lbs of Alaska halibut, 500 lbs of Alaska rockfish, and more.


The average Alaska visitor party spends $655 per trip on food and dining.

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Independent travelers spend, on average, $3,757 per trip, and stay in Alaska for an average of nine nights.

Maybe you’ve never stepped foot on a cruise ship, or worked for a local tour company, but the tourism industry is still your business. As Alaskans, our favorite local boutiques, restaurants, and small businesses are all supported by the tourism industry. Our parks and community spaces are often supported by taxes that are brought in by the tourism industry. Income from summertime visitors, whether they’re independent travelers or on the tour of a lifetime,  helps us create year round opportunities for the people who call Alaska home.


Ensuring Alaska remains a top destination for years to come is all of our business. A thriving tourism industry in Alaska means a thriving state for everyone who lives here. It’s your business.


Source: Alaska Travel Industry Association

This campaign is a partnership between the Alaska Chamber and the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.

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