Policy Forum

The Alaska Chamber is accepting position submissions for 2017 now through Friday, August 12, 2016. Member submitted positions will be reviewed by the Legislative Affairs Committee prior to the 2016 Fall Forum on October 13 in Kenai, Alaska.

Member defined policy positions drive the Alaska Chamber’s advocacy efforts. Each year at the Policy Forum, the Chamber’s members adopt positions on issues that impact Alaska’s economy.

The Forum provides Chamber members with an opportunity to review and build on the advocacy platform. It’s a chance to receive in-depth briefings on positions and advocacy training, and helps members understand and engage in key issues impacting Alaska’s business community.

In addition to Chamber members, elected officials, subject-matter experts and community leaders attend the Forum to learn more about business’s policy concerns. The Forum offers a unique opportunity to meet, engage and join forces with business leaders, corporate executives, legislative and policy experts, and elected and appointed government officials.

Next Policy Forum:

2016 Fall Forum: Illuminating the Path Forward
October 11-13, 2016
Kenai, Alaska
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