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Alaska’s top business symposium, the Alaska Chamber’s Fall Forum attracts business leaders from all across the state and includes our Conference and Policy Forum.

Our annual Conference includes panel discussions, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities and plenty of fun, attendees make connections that will last a lifetime.

In conjunction with Conference is the Policy Forum, a chance for Chamber members to adopt the policy positions that shape our advocacy efforts.

Our policy submission timeline is officially open.

The Alaska Chamber's process for adopting policy positions is unique among business associations. Any member of the Alaska Chamber has the opportunity to advance an issue of importance to the business community. Once vetted by the Legislative Affairs Committee and voted on by the membership at Fall Forum, these policy positions become the focus of the Alaska Chamber's advocacy program. The positions highlight the core issues that impact businesses across the state and provide direction to staff and board members in their advocacy efforts for the upcoming year.

During the Fall Forum event, poposed positions are discussed and voted by the body of the membership with only those receiving a majority vote being adopted.

Voting and position submission are limited to Alaska Chamber members. As an Alaska Chamber member, now is the time to make your voice heard. Participating in the Alaska Chamber's policy formation provides an opportunity to fulfill our vision, to promote a healthy business environment in Alaska.

Here's what we need from you:
Step 1: Review our current policy positions here to see if we already have a position on the issue. If yes, no additional action needed! If no…
Step 2: Submit your policy position for consideration here.
Step 3: SAVE THE DATE to attend our Fall Forum, September 28-30th where you can make your voice heard.

The deadline for new policy submissions is July 30, so act fast!

Next Fall Forum

2021 Fall Forum will take place September 28-30th at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood.

Last Fall Forum

2020 Fall Forum
September 22-24, 2020
Virtual, Alaska

Past Fall Forums

2019 - Charting Our Future - Girdwood, Alaska
2018 - 65 Years of Pro-Business Advocacy - Fairbanks, Alaska
2017 - A Tale of Two Economies - Sitka, Alaska
2016 - Illuminating the Path Forward - Kenai/Soldotna, Alaska
2015 - Renovate. Innovate. Repeat. - Fairbanks, Alaska
2014 - Our Business, Our Story - Girdwood, Alaska
2013 - It's Your Business - Fairbanks, Alaska
2012 - We Mean Business - Anchorage, Alaska
2011 - Champions for Alaska's Future - Talkeetna, Alaska
2010 - Alaska + Business = Economy “Back to the Basics” - Juneau, Alaska
2009 - Riding the Wave: Setting a Course for the Next 50 Years - Homer, Alaska
2008 - 49th State, 49th Year: Planning for Alaska's Prosperity - Fairbanks, Alaska
2007 - Alaska's Business Environment: Anticipating Changing Times - Anchorage, Alaska
2006 - Charting Alaska's Future - Anchorage, Alaska
2005 - Providing the Tools for Alaska's Future - Valdez, Alaska
2004 - Meet the Faces Behind Alaska Business - Juneau, Alaska
2003 - Reclaiming Alaska's Spirit: A New Attitude for Making it Happen - Kodiak, Alaska
2002 - Celebrating Our Past: Prospecting Alaska's Future - Fairbanks, Alaska
2001 - Planning for Progress in Challenging Times - Juneau, Alaska
2000 - Accepting the Challenge - Leading the Way - Girdwood, Alaska
1999 - New Millennium: New Economic Opportunities - Wasilla, Alaska
1998 - Learning From Our Golden Past to Energize Our Future - Valdez, Alaska
1997 - Business in Alaska: Gateway to Opportunity - Ketchikan, Alaska
1996 - Providing for Today - Preparing for Tomorrow - Sitka, Alaska
1995 - Golden Past, Brilliant Future - Whitehorse, Alaska
1994 - Business Partnerships for Alaska's Future: Let's Make a Difference - Fairbanks, Alaska
1993 - The Future Isn't What It Used to Be - Anchorage, Alaska
1992 - Mining: Alaska's Sleeping Giant - Juneau, Alaska
1991 - Its Good Business - Kenai/Soldotna, Alaska
1990 - Connections East and West: Onward to 2000 - Fairbanks, Alaska
1989 - Alaska Business: Alive and Well - Anchorage, Alaska
1988 - Alaska Summit: A view from the Top - Sitka, Alaska
1987 - Building World Market for Alaska - Juneau, Alaska
1986 - Alaska's Economy: Challenging and Exciting - Fairbanks, Alaska
1985 - Alaska Business: Serving Alaska - Anchorage, Alaska
1984 - Silver to Gold - Valdez, Alaska
1983 - Alaska's “Unity in Diversity” - Sitka, Alaska
1982 - Sitka, Alaska
1981- Anchorage, Alaska
1980 - Juneau, Alaska
1979 - Fairbanks, Alaska

The Alaska Chamber's 2018 Fall Forum was held on October 23-25 at the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel and Conference Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. In addition to a packed agenda with great learning opportunities, attendees enjoyed extended fall weather. As always, there was overwhelming support from our member companies! We couldn't do this without them. Below are the presentations from this year's Forum. They are arranged according to the date and time.

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